In a suburb outside of Seattle, a group of teenage outsiders drift through spaces outside of home and school structured environments. Blending documentary and fictional genres, the camera observes Weihong, Sara, Randy, Cory, and Luke as they search for meaning free from the confines of authority within art, music shows, and each other. While walking home from school one day, Sara sees the dead body of a boy her age near the public library. Stunned, she freezes and retreats inward rather than going to an adult. Details slowly emerge that the boy was accidentally killed by the hands of another youth while playing around with his father’s gun. As Sara traverses her internal world of coping with a traumatic experience, her friends navigate their own feelings as the shocking details emerge in murmurs throughout the community. Lake Forest Park tells a melancholic yet visceral coming-of-age story of a group of youth discovering their own purpose, while they are forced to confront their own mortality for the first time.