This story takes place and is shot in director Kersti Jan Werdal’s hometown suburb, Lake Forest Park. Its 14,000 inhabitants live in a forest-setting on the northern tip of Lake Washington, 12 miles north of downtown Seattle.

The locations evoke a somber feeling, and tonally parallels the protagonists visceral experiences, as well as deep introspective thought. Shooting takes place in winter when the area is at its most cold, damp, and foggy, enhancing the rich and natural shades of greens, blues, and grays of the Pacific Northwest.

While considering approaches in cinematography, we decided to explore both film and digital options. In the winter of 2018, we shot Digital 4k and 16mm film tests on location. The grain of film mirrored the feeling of the Pacific Northwest so significantly that the choice became clear. The random silver halide of 16mm captures an atmosphere and reflects a specific tone that the perfect digital pixels couldn’t replicate.

Below is a silent 16mm 1-min sample of some of the shooting locations, offering a brief sense of the atmosphere.